YEAR: 2018


Selected works.

Photos by: Butler/Lindgård, Sam Sylvén for INR and blingo.


YAY!! My third childrensbook 'Saffa & Parmesan: Den vilda ballongfärden' is now available. The book is the second one about the adventurous kid Saffa and her guinea pig Parmesan. Written by my hubby Ola Norén, illustrated by me and story by the two of us. Get it here!  And read a piece about it in the local swedish newspaper here!


A bunch of my prints are featured in the Blingo Kids SS15  collection. Check them out here!


I'm overjoyed to finally get to tell you about 'Broderie' –our corporation Hanna and I made with INR (Scandinavia's leading manufacturer of shower glass and selected bathroom accessories). We've made a gigantic rose border in powder pink, inspiried by classic cross stitch embroiderys. Have a closer look here!


Butler/Lindgård have a small scale production of products in the Manifest/Mångfald collection. This spring cushions will be available at Louisiana-Museum of Modern Art (DK), Nordiska Galleriet (SE), G.A.D (SE) and in our Etsy-shop (World wide shipping).



The childrensbook "Sagan om de övergivna strumporna" has just arrived from the print shop. The book is written by Carin Hernqvist and Cia Borgström at återSKAPA, and will be part of their pedagogic material. Illustrations by me.


The childrensbook 'Saffa & Parmesan: Den hemliga ubåten' is now avalible! Illustations by me and story by Ola Norén.

Sneek-peek here!