Karin Olu Lindgård is a surface designer and fiber artist who holds a Bachelor's degree in Textile Design from the Royal Danish Academy of Design.

As a freelancing surface designer Karin creates vivid, poetic surface designs for a broad range of products including fabric ranges, home accessories, fashion and stationery.

Karin Olu Lindgård studio offers both the option to purchase or license a ready-made design from a growing library of pattern designs or to create a custom design for the client. - We do love to work collaboratively with clients to create full design ranges in technical repeat including colourways  and placement designs.

Authenticity, sensuousness and presence of the human hand are all, important guidelines in Karin´s work. This is why her designs commonly emerge out of an analogue, hands- on sketch process with materials in hand.

Our portfolio includes a diverse range of national and international projects for commercial and private clients.

Some of our recent project partners are Uniqlo, HM Home, Kasthall, Scandinavian Pattern Collection and Molo. I´d love to work with you aswell!


 Vilda Södern, Ehrensvärdsgatan 6, SE- 212 13 Malmö

karin.olu.lindgard@gmail.com / 0046 (0) 704 772 445

instagram karinolulindgard_studio